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NEW LIVE Interactive Online OSHA Forklift Training

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We now offer Live Online Interactive Instructor led Session Forklift Operator Training

Racking & Storage
About PMT Forklift Corp. Racking

PMT Forklift offers Racking and Warehouse solutions also.

Storage racks are a great way to maximize your floorspace and warehouse square footage, and orgainize product and workflow as well.

We sell New & Used Pallet Racking in New York, Long Island, and New York City NYC.  Whether you are Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Westchester, we have you covered.

We offer installtion options for what we sell, or if you are a DIY Storage Rack type company, we can sell you your racking, hardware, and even rent you installation equipment you may need to do the job properly such as forklifts, & scissor lifts.  Do you just need a few uprights and crossebeams?  Call us for your New & Used Pallet Rack needs :

  • Tear Drop Racking
  • Penco Racking
  • Drive In Racking
  • Pallet Rack Bumpers
  • Column Protectors
  • Pallet rack Mirrors and Signs
  • Pallet Rack Wall Ties
  • Wire Decking
  • Uprights & Cross Beams
  • Stainless Steel Racks
  • Rack Inspections
  • Steel Shelving
  • Warehouse Layout
  • Rack Installation
  • Rack Repair
  • Rack Tear down / Move

We also Purchase racking if you are downsizing, or closing up shop.

For your racking protection, we also offer, Wire Decking, Rack Bumpers, Column Protectors, Wall Anchors, Rack Dividers and other supplies.

We also do Rack Repairs, and Safety Inspections to insure your racking is safe for your operators.


Essential Tips for Rack Safety & Efficiency

We have all seen the 'funny' youtube videos, meme's, etc... It's humorous when it is someone else's company.  But what if it is you that has gone viral. Too many times, we learn about pallet rack safety when it's too late.  There's never a bad time to brush up on your pallet rack safety, and even if you're reminding yourself of a number of rules you already follow, you're doing yourself a big favor.

There are plenty of other things to consider when installing or maintaining your pallet rack, but keep these in mind next time you walk the aisles.

  • Protect uprights from collisions: column protectors may not stop everything, but they can take the brunt of most hits from fork trucks and keep smaller accidents from eating away at your pallet rack. Use these in all zones where fork trucks operate, and use end-of-aisle guards for added protection from turning or reversing fork trucks. Use floor markings, reflectors, and other highly visible indicators to let fork truck operators know their limits.
  • Repair Racks right away:  The adage of "A chain is as strong as it's weakest link" applies here also.  New technology lets you repair racking without having to take down large sections.
  • Aisle Spacing: Make sure your Aisles are spaced enough to accomodate your lift truck turning radius and gives your operator comfortable meneuverability.  We suggest adding 6-10" to any manufacturer's recccomonded aisle widths for wiggle room.
  • The Code: Check with your local regulations to make sure your racking meets code and fire safety regulations.  The last thing you want is to setup your racking system only to find out you have to take it down for insurance or code regulations. 
  • Load rack properly: make sure your fork truck operators are loading pallets squarely on the rack, resting evenly across the load beams to ensure the weight is dispersed as it should be. Going along with the cardinal rule of obeying weight capacities, don't overstuff your load bays, either. Give your operators enough horizontal and vertical space in each load bay to safely store and retrieve product.
  • Obey posted weight capacities: This assumes your weight capacities are posted, which they should be! All of your beams and uprights should be marked with their listed weight capacities, and these should never be exceeded. Just because you bought it at auction or craigslist does not mean it is right for you.  If you have or are about to purchase pre-owned beams and don't know their capacity, take measurements and contact the manufacturer to find out.  Call us if you need help determining what your racks hold.
  • Prevent falls off the back of your rack: one especially important safety feature that you can't overlook is a barrier to prevent product from slipping off the back of your pallet rack. Heavy duty wire mesh panels or netting can prevent entire skids or loose product from falling to the floor below. Backstop beams ensure that skids are never shoved off the backside of your rack.  Rack dividers keep things neat.  Rack wall anchors help brace the racks from shaking and absorb impact from hits.
  • Install uprights on level ground: as flat as your cement floor looks and feels, it likely isn't perfectly level. Ensure your uprights are square and plumb before adding load beams and more bays. Shim plates may be necessary to achieve this, so make sure you have plenty on hand that match your uprights' foot plates. Having your pallet rack square is critical toward weight distribution and overall strength.
  • Place your feet on solid ground:  Make sure your racks once situated are anchored into your flooring.  If not already done call is.
  • Racks are not Jungle Gyms:  Racks are not designed for employees to be walking around or climbing through.  If this however is needed, make sure you are using proper lift equipment (order pickers, selectors, man baskets) and that your employees are using proper fall protection measures.
  • Read the signs:  Proper signage for rack capacity, pedestrian traffic, warehouse speed limits and regulations inform the operator and pedestrian of the cautions needed to be watchful for.   Call us if you need signage for your warehouse.
  • PPE:  Personal Protection Equipment.  Make sure your operators are protected with proper PPE such as safety vest, goggles, and hardhats if required.
  • ANNUAL INSPECTION:  It is a great idea to have your rack system inspected annualy.  We will issue an inspection decal after our visual as well as any recommen dations.
  • OPERATOR TRAINING:  Are your operators trained?  It's the law.  Loading Racks is a fundamental part of PMT's OSHA Safety training program.  Operators need to be certified every 3 years.  Click here to see our OSHA safety training page safety_training

Thes are your basic tips for making sure your racks and employees stay safe and in one piece.  Following them can help you avoid a costly and disastrous accident both resulting in product and facility damage as well as personal harm or death.  Contact us today to make an inspection on your racks to make sure you are ok.

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